Today's Everyday Fashion: Athleisure

Bomber jacket, Nike trainers
Athleisure, Nike trainers
Nike tee
Nike tee, Nike trainers

Today's athleisure look is such a departure from the norm. While I often wear workout gear for errands before or after the gym, this is my first time purchasing it purely for the purpose of travel and hanging out! It's also one of my first times purchasing an entire outfit head to toe. I almost always buy individual pieces to go with what's already in my closet, but I got this outfit idea in my head and wound up ordering the whole thing together. These leggings and sneakers have great ratings and are so comfy in person; I am very much looking forward to wearing them on repeat this winter. What's your take on athleisure - do you wear workout gear for casual occasions, or only for exercise?

Bomber jacket: H&M, $25
Tee: Nike/Kohl's, $22
Leggings: Kohl's, $22
Shoes: Nike/Kohl's, $58
Purse: Michael Kors/Macy's, $270 (similar)
Hat: Kohl's, $24
Approx. dates: Purse is 3 years ago. Everything else is new. 

Athletic jackets on a budget