Spring Preview with Mix No. 6 at DSW

Say hello to my new favorite sandals for spring – lace up gladiators! They were at the very top of my spring shopping list for one simple reason: they pack the most style punch of any flat sandals out there. Paired with a sundress, embroidered top or a floppy hat, they make a total statement without sacrificing any comfort.

Today’s sandals are Mix No. 6 brand, exclusively found at DSW. This brand offers amazing price points (my sandals are $39.95 and everything pictured below is under $50), as well as tons of fun, trendy styles. I tried several other pairs of gladiator sandals before falling in love with this pair. I like that the zipper goes up the side and not the back of the leg (both for comfort and how it looks), and with the laces wrapped twice around my calf at the top, they are a perfect fit and stay up easily.

Check out more Mix No. 6 shoes and accessories below, or visit the DSW website to shop it all!

Are you wearing gladiator sandals for spring? Which Mix No. 6 shoes are your favorite?

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