Today's Everyday Fashion: Lemon Lemon Yellow

Lemon print top, windowpane pants, yellow pumps
Lemon print top, windowpane pants, yellow pumps
Inspiration:  Anthropologie

Inspiration: Anthropologie


When our neighbor's Tabebuia tree dropped all it's yellow blossoms the other day, we headed down the street to capture the beautiful moment! It resulted in the cutest reaction from passersby - one nice lady rolled her window down and asked if we wanted a photo of the two of us together? (So cute!) And another neighbor was inspired to have her son sit on the lawn to take a similar picture. It was a sunny, happy moment and a cheerful outfit to match. I never in a million years would've put this top and pants together if it weren't for the inspiration photo, but the end result is a quirky, bold look with a retro feel!

Top: Victoria's Secret, $25 (similar below)
Pants: J.Crew Factory, $24 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Bandolino/TJ Maxx, $22 (similar, similar)
Purse: Calvin Klein/Macy's, $130 (similar)
Sunglasses: LOFT, $12
Approx. dates: Shoes are 6 years ago. Purse is 4 years ago. Top is 3 years ago. Pants are 1 year ago. 

Lemon yellow prints on a budget