Today's Everyday Fashion: Internet Perks

Stripe top, floral skirt, hot pink clutch
Striped top, floral skirt, hot pink clutch
Striped top with floral skirt
Inspiration: Amazon Email ( Top ,  Skirt )

Inspiration: Amazon Email (Top, Skirt)


There are plenty of pros and cons to social media and the internet but let's talk for a minute about one amazing perk - free outfit ideas. Like when you open an email and see a cute catalog photo, and within minutes have a new outfit from your closet using things you already own. I never would've put this striped crop top and floral skirt together if it hadn't been for the inspiration photo. It's cute but really bold and just not two items I'd ever imagine together. And since I took a picture of my outfit and shared it with you here, maybe you have something similar in your closet and can do it too. We'll just keep those free fashion ideas flowing all day long. Sometimes the internet rocks!

Top: Forever 21, $20
Skirt: Express, $31 (similar below)
Shoes: Payless c/o, $19
Clutch: Gap, $16 (similarsimilarsimilar
Earrings: Kate Spade outlet, $15 (same)
Approx. dates: Clutch is 3 years ago. Skirt is 1.5 years ago. Top and shoes are 6 months ago.

Floral skirts on a budget