Back to School with Kohl's

Mickey ringer tee with high waist flares
Levi's high waist flares
Ringer Mickey tee, high waist flares
Ringer Mickey tee, high waist flares

β€œBack to school, back to school…” This time of year always conjures up memories of school supply shopping and crisp, new denim! We never had a big budget for back to school shopping, but jeans were always on my wish list, as well as sneakers and some kind of athletic gear - so today I'm sharing a little bit of both.

Whether you're headed to school yourself, or have little ones to drop off (both occasions where I'd wear these outfits), or you just can't wait to do some denim shopping this time of year because it's been your tradition for ages (I'm in this last category), then today's looks are for you. I partnered with Kohl's to shop for two back to school looks from their website and store, and here's what I came up with!

The first outfit I picked is so very '70s - my favorite fashion era! Character tees are all the rage right now, they are a little sassy and tongue-in-cheek, and the ringer style makes them '70s appropriate with the high-waist flared jeans. I am so happy that flares are in style this fall - they make your legs look a mile long and are just so fun to wear. I feel like I'm in the movie Dazed & Confused in this outfit!

Flares are not the only denim kid on the block this school year though. Pretty much anything goes with denim right now, so in the second outfit I wanted to completely switch it up and go with a different kind of jeans - loose fit boyfriend jeans styled with a sporty Nike tee in an athleisure look. (Note: I went 2 sizes up to get this baggy fit.) As a tomboy growing up, I wore nothing but sneakers and sport gear to school, so I feel really comfy in this look! 

Kohl's has an amazing selection of sporty clothes and sneakers to achieve this look on a budget, as well as lots of denim choices. Check out my round up of some more favorites below.

Which type of denim are you most looking forward to wearing this fall? Which outfit is your favorite?

Cropped Nike tee, boyfriend jeans, Adidas sneakers
Nike cropped tee and boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend jeans and Adidas sneakers
Back to school with Kohl's

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T-shirt  /  Sneakers  /  Jeans  /  Skirt
Sneakers /  Shirt  /  Jacket  /  Sneakers

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