"Before & After" Bra Fit Test with Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair bras

You guys are not going to believe today’s "before and after" pictures! I thought I had a good thing going with my old bras, but I was actually in dire need of an upgrade. Having the right bra makes such a huge difference – in comfort and in how your clothes fit. As part of Vanity Fair’s Bra Fit Test, I put a thin ivory sweater over my old bras, and both of them failed!

Before and after bras
Before and after bras

Left: My old bra
Right: Beauty Back Strapless Underwire available at Macy'sJCPenney, and Kohl's

These photos of my back are showing how my old strapless bra digs into me in one specific spot on my side. It's a bit harder to see in the second photos, but I can certainly feel where my old bra creates two pressure points along the top and bottom of the strap and digs into my skin. The technology in the Vanity Fair “Beauty Back Strapless” completely eliminated this problem and really does what it promises - my back is totally smooth!

Before and after bras

Left: My old bra
Right: Body Caress Full Coverage Contour Bra available at Macy'sJCPenney and Kohl's

In these next photos, you can see how my favorite bra with straps was visible through my sweater on the left. That’s due partly to its lighter color, but also because it doesn’t lay smooth against my skin. The Vanity Fair “Full Coverage Beauty Back” eliminated this problem and is basically invisible from the front, because of how flat it lays.

Vanity Fair believes it’s time for women to say good-bye to bad bras once and for all, and I agree! They put together a bra fit test you can try at home, which I’ve shared below. Also check out their :30 digital spot which pokes fun at the ill-fitting bras we all know too well – bras that are annoying, uncomfortable and squeeze in all the wrong places. Thankfully Vanity Fair gets it and their products aim to solve these common issues for women, and are a budget friendly at $20-40 each.

What are your most common complaints about the bras you’ve tried/wear? Have you ever tried Vanity Fair bras?

The Vanity Fair Bra Fit Test

  1. Fill Check – The cups should fit smoothly against your bust with no gaps or wrinkles. You should fill out the cup proportionately.
  2. Two-Finger Strap Test – The straps should be snug on your shoulders, but loose enough to slide two fingers underneath. This will prevent your straps from slipping off your shoulder.
  3. Stretch Test – If you raise your arms, bend over or twist, the band should stay completely in-place. The band should not ride up in the back as you move around.
  4. Hook Check – For a comfortable fit that isn’t too loose or too snug, the band should fit best on the middle hook.
  5. Two-Finger Band Test – The band of the bra should be tight enough to support you but loose enough to slide two fingers underneath, as well.
  6. Spill Check – You should fill out the cups of the bra, but you should not be spilling over the top of the cups.
  7. Center Challenge – The center part of the bra should lay flat against your chest without buckling. There should not be any space between the center of the bra and your chest.
  8. Maximum Lift Test – When you turn to the side, your breasts should be sitting halfway between your shoulders and elbows. This guarantees that your chest is being properly supported and lifted.
  9. Comfort Check – Does every single part of this bra feel comfortable on you? There should not be anything poking you or providing irritation.
  10. Top Test – When your top is on, it should look seamless, smooth and lifted. There should be minimal bulging and buckling.

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