August Recap & September Magazine Cover

Orange Appeal magazine

(Behind the scenes shot. Shop this dress.)


On this holiday Monday I'm recapping August and sharing some behind-the-scenes with you! My focus here is almost always on clothing, but IRL getting dressed is sometimes bumped to the bottom of my priority list! Some days I barely manage to make it out of pajamas. Or I make it out of pajamas long enough to shoot blog photos and then I'm back in pajamas. August is one example.

I spent 19 out of the 31 days in August writing the book. In the remaining 12 days I completed 5 blog posts for each week, 5 sponsorships, shot a TV commercial, a magazine cover, attended 3 baby showers and 2 charity fundraisers, and went on a date with my husband.

Things I gave up included exercise, grocery shopping, cooking, housekeeping, yard work, any additional socializing, answering emails and texts in a timely manner, and my sanity.

I laughed, I cried, I learned a lot about myself and the writing process. I experienced God in incredible new ways. And I was totally overwhelmed. I am sometimes guilty of buying into the "busy culture" and feeling productive when I operate at an insane pace, but it's really more of a luxury to be able to slow down and take it all in. I'm using this experience to learn how to plan and estimate my time better and not over-commit. It was a truly amazing, special month that I will forever cherish, but I'm also looking forward to a much slower pace soon. (Although there's still writing and editing left to do, and more upcoming deadlines!)


(September magazine cover.)


I also wanted to share the Sept/Oct issue of Orange Appeal magazine with you guys - that's me on the cover! (What?!) The red dress picture (above) is a behind-the-scenes my husband took on set. The Orange Appeal team was so wonderful to work with and they did everything - hair, makeup and clothes. You can read the entire magazine online including 9 more outfits, pages 120-129. 

Part of slowing down means counting your blessings and being thankful and that's what today is all about. I'm spending the holiday weekend with family and friends in (my home state of) Kansas, and I'm taking a moment to celebrate all of you and say thanks for reading!! For no particular reason, because sometimes not having an occasion is the best time to say it: I'm thankful for you! 

Cheers to September!


(The view from my writing chair.)