Today's Everyday Fashion: Robin Hood

Mustard top, cargo skirt, fringe booties
Mustard top, cargo skirt
Mustard top, cargo skirt
Inspiration:  Shopbop

Inspiration: Shopbop


It started out simply enough. I realized I have a mustard top, cargo skirt and booties that are so similar to the catalog photo it's uncanny! I figured I should at least give the outfit a try, right? But then I added a wool hat and a fringe purse, and I may have taken it too far. I'm one pair of tights away from a Robin Hood costume. I would also fit in nicely, however, at a farmer's market or a music festival in this outfit. And costume or not I'll happily wear it if the occasion calls for it. Because what is life if you can't simultaneously love what you're wearing and poke a little fun at it, too? Now hand me my bow and arrow, I've got a new outfit to try!

Top: H&M, $30 (similar below)
Skirt: LOFT, $14 (similar below)
Boots: HSN c/o
Purse: JCPenney c/o, $36
Hat: boutique c/o (similar, similar, similar)
Necklaces: My Stella & Dot one, two, three
Approx. dates: Hat, top, purse is 1 year ago. Skirt and boots is last few months.

Mustard top, cargo skirt, fringe booties