Today's Everyday Fashion: One Year Later

Stripe cardigan, Stella Dot Carla necklace
Stripe cardigan, navy tassel necklace, suede booties

So basically, I just copied an outfit I blogged one year ago? Yep, that is the topic of today's post! And while it's certainly not earth shattering, I think it's something we all do in our closets. We repeat our favorite outfits or items, continually "improving" them by switching to new jeans, a different belt, etc. I often don't arrive at an ideal outfit (for me) with a clothing item until I've had for a year or more. I do a little bit of tweaking each time I wear it, only to realize later how differently I'm wearing it, and how much more I like it now. This was a favorite cardigan last year, but I'm loving this year's version even more!

Cardigan: H&M, $25 (similar below)
Tee: Maison Jules/Macy's, $11
Jeans: Hudson/Nordstrom Rack, $79 (similarsimilar)
Boots: Carlos Santana c/o, $59
Belt: Limited, $15 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Purse: JCPenney c/o, $29 (similarsimilar)
Necklaces: My Stella & Dot 
Earrings: My Stella & Dot
Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson c/o Ross, $10 (samesimilarsimilar)
Approx. dates: Cardigan, tee, belt and purse are 1 year ago. Jeans and boots are recent.

Long cardigans on a budget