Today's Everyday Fashion: Maybe Not A 10

Navy floral dress, feather earrings
Navy floral dress
Navy floral dress, feather earrings
Navy floral dress, boho

There comes a point in your life when you realize not every outfit can be a perfect 10. In fact, there's something monotonous or even boring about wearing a new, perfect 10 outfit every single day! There are days when you'd rather blend in or just want something "cute" to wear. (Not over the top cute, which is reserved for important events or special days. Just "cute." And then of course some days barely passing for acceptable happens, or my personal favorite - the total fail.) All this to say, this dress falls into the "cute" category for me. It's a coverall - it works for pretty much any situation I can dream up, and those kind of dresses come in handy when you are panicked and running out the door. I ordered the earrings to go with it; I like the boho vibe you get when you pair them together. Maybe not a 10, but definitely "cute"! 

Dress: NM Last Call, $60
Earrings: NM Last Call, $21
Shoes: Dolce Vita, $50 (same, similarsimilar)
Purse: JCPenney c/o, $29 (similarsimilar)
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, $4
Approx. dates: Shoes are 3 years ago. Purse is 2 years ago. Dress and earrings are new.

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