Today's Everyday Fashion: Velvet Shoes in NYC

Choker top, statement earrings
Choker top, statement earrings, velvet heels
Choker top, statement earrings
Velvet platforms
Choker top, statement earrings, velvet heels
Choker top, statement earrings, high waist jeans

Apparently velvet shoes are where it's at - because the plush fabric makes them so incredibly soft and comfy! I was instantly smitten with them, as well as these high waist jeans and choker top, which I ordered all together from Amazon. I generally don't shop in full outfits, but in this case each individual piece can be worn tons of other ways, as well as together. We photographed this look in NYC - we just got back from a long weekend. News of the terror attack broke as we were boarding our plane, and it just completely broke my heart. So hard to process all the terrible things happening the world and so surreal to be posting photos for the next few days from NYC!

Top: Lark & Ro c/o, $55
Jeans: Levi's c/o Amazon, $37
Shoes: The Fix c/o, $99
Earrings: My Stella & Dot (20% off with code TREAT20) 
Ring: My Stella & Dot
Purse: boutique c/o, $40 (similar)
Approx. dates: Purse is 6 months ago. Top, jeans, shoes and earrings are new.

Ps. Wanted to let you know about these coupon codes for Stella & Dot through 11/2. I've been part of the company (MLM) for 6 years, and they never do coupons!! Shared some of my current favorites below! 

Stella & Dot fall 2017

Earrings  /  Necklace  /  Earrings  /  Necklace
Necklace  /  Earrings  /  Bracelets  /  Earrings (on sale)
Ring  /  Necklace  /  Purse  /  Ring (on sale)