Today's Everyday Fashion: The Same Look I Repeat Every Christmas

Christmas outfit: faux fur vest, red skirt
Christmas outfit: faux fur vest, red skirt
Christmas outfit: faux fur vest, red skirt

If today's outfit looks familiar that might be because... I've already posted it before! It's pretty much an exact repeat of an outfit wore in 2013 (see comparison below). Same skirt and earrings, with minor changes like different black shoes and a different black top. I loved this outfit in 2013, and I love this outfit just as much now. The older I get, I've realized that putting time and effort into making outfits I really like (versus phoning it in - because that's definitely my default if I don't actively push myself to make an effort) gets results that I will gladly wear year after year, and ultimately saves time and money in the long run. I am totes okay with this look being my same "go-to Christmas look" year after year!

Vest: Calvin Klein c/o Ross, $35 (similar below)
Top: Saks Off Fifth, $30 (similarsimilar)
Skirt: Limited, $30 (similar below)
Belt: Nordstrom, $35 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Clutch: My Stella & Dot
Shoes: Betsey Johnson c/o Ross, $32 (same)
Earrings: Banana Republic, $15 (similar below)
Approx. dates: Earrings are 7 years ago. Skirt is 4 years ago. Top is 2 years ago. Vest is 1 year ago. Clutch and belt are recent.

Inspiration:  2013 Blog post

Inspiration: 2013 Blog post

Christmas outfit: faux fur vest, red skirt