Today's Everyday Fashion: Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY

DIY Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater
DIY Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater
DIY Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater
DIY Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater

I won "best outfit" at our friends' ugly sweater party for the past 2 years (here and here), which meant I really needed to get creative this year to defend my title!! And I gotta say... whoa, that escalated quickly. What started as a little candy cane inspiration (the socks launched the whole look!) turned into one crazy over-the-top outfit. Not only was it SO fun to wear, it also won me the prize for the third year in a row!! Woo-hoo. (You could summarize my current level of holiday excitement as: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! SANTA, I KNOW HIM!! So the outfit is a good match lol...) I shared a step-by-step for this candy cane sweater DIY below.

Top: Eliza J, $38 (similar below)
Skirt: Amazon, $14
Socks: Amazon, $7
Shoes: Chinese Laundry c/o Ross, $23 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Headband: Francesca's c/o, $14
Earrings: Kate Spade outlet, $15 (same)
Lip color: Kat Von B "Tijuana"
Approx. dates: Shoes are 3 years ago. Top is 6 months ago. Skirt, socks, headband are new.

Red off the shoulder tops

Revolve  /  H&M  /  Macy's  /  JCPenney
H&M  /  Nordstrom Rack  /  Nordstrom  /  J. Crew

There are lots of ways to attach candy canes to a sweater, but this method prevents you from ruining your sweater with holes or glue. This method only works with off-shoulder sweaters.

1. Place one drop of super glue on the flat side of the clip. (image below)
2. Using another clip, hold it in place while it dries on the candy cane. (image below)
3. Repeat process for as many candy canes as needed, making sure they face the same direction.
4. Measure out the tinsel and cut to size. 
5. Holding the tinsel at the edge of your sweater, use the clips to attach the candy canes to the sweater - this will also hold the tinsel in place.
6. Repeat until you reach your shoulders.
7. Use remaining naked clips to attach tinsel to the back of the sweater.

DIY Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater