The Easiest Way to Pack with VacayStyle

VacayStyle has the market cornered on the most genius way to pack for your next trip! With just five items from their online store, plus two items of your own, you can create 15-18 outfits for your next vacation. (Whoa!) Here's a chart that shows how it works:

VacayStyle St. Martin collection

In today’s post I’m wearing the St. Martin collection, which includes VacayStyle’s latest innovation - a navy two-piece dress that can be worn SO many different ways, because both the top and skirt can be worn as tops. Plus the “twisted” design is so cute and flattering! Check out my photos in it below.

VacayStyle is made of travel-friendly fabrics (little to no ironing required, lightweight and breezy) and they are manufactured in San Francisco. When you buy 5 items (the entire collection, or mix and match from the 7 different collections), you get 20% off (no code needed), and you receive a VacayStyle beach bag, totally free. Plus use the code J15% to get an additional15% off your entire order through March 31. Shipping is also free both ways within the U.S. so you can try it risk-free!

Head over to the VacayStyle website to see even more styles to choose from. Buying an entire collection is great for travel, but picking one or two things works well for any spring and summer wardrobe, too!

Which VacayStyle look is your favorite?

Today's post is brought to you by VacayStyle. All opinions, images, and editorial decisions are solely my own.