Sneakers + Skirts 3 Ways With

In the fashion world right now, sneakers are everything. They’re on runways, celebrities, and paired with just about every type of outfit. Personally, you don’t have to twist my arm to get on board with this trend; anything as comfy as sneakers is welcome in my closet!

That’s why I was pumped when (formerly ShoeBuy) pitched the idea of doing a blog post about wearing sneakers and skirts together. I got right to work, styling a pair of white Adidas sneakers (complete with fun hologram stripes and logo) with three different skirts. Here are my tips:

  1. Anything goes; there are no rules. Maxi skirts, full skirts, or slim skirts – any of these shapes can work with sneakers.
  2. Sneakers can tone down a shorter skirt or a tight fit by adding a cool tomboy vibe.
  3. Sneakers are not just for one aesthetic (both edgy looks and feminine styles work, for example), or only for casual outfits - a dressy skirt also works, too.

How do you wear sneakers with a skirt? Which outfit is your favorite?

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