Healthy Living With Kohl's


Is it just me, or is healthy living really “in style” right now? With so much talk about kale smoothies, yoga pants and CrossFit it can be easy to get caught up in the latest trends! But at its core, healthy living is so important. Being active and eating clean can add years to your life and improve your daily quality of life.

And if you're interested in healthy living (truly for the sake of health) like I am, then you’ve gotta have the gear to do it! And why not have a little fun with that gear while you’re at it? That’s the theme of today’s post. I’m sharing two looks from Kohl’s – one for tennis (I’m rusty now, but played from a young age and even went to state in high school), and one for running, below.

Kohl’s has so many great options for healthy living. Whether it’s colorful workout clothes and shoes (my head to toe look below), an epic selection of sports bras for every body type (I even found one for my unusual preference - straps that sit wide on my shoulders and don’t put pressure on my neck), and kitchen gadgets that make clean eating easier (we recently got this mandoline and it’s a game changer), you can find just about anything under the sun that makes healthy living easier and more fun at Kohl’s.

Which look is your favorite? What are your favorite healthy living tools?

Colorful Nike running outfit

Top  /  Shorts  /  Sports bra  /  Water bottle  /  Headband

Colorful Nike running outfit

Top  /  Shorts  /  Sports bra  /  Water bottle  

Colorful running outfit

Top  /  Shorts  /  Sports bra  /  Water bottle  /  Shoes

Healthy living essentials

Activity tracker  /  Top  /  Pants  /  Top
Water bottle  /  Sneakers  /  Blender  /  Bag
Sports bra  /  Slicer  /  Shorts

Today’s post is brought to you by Kohl’s and ShopStyle. All clothing selections, opinions, and editorial decisions are solely my own.