Today's Everyday Fashion: Fall 2017 Trends

Fall 2017 Trends

Band jackets  /  Sleeves with volume  /  Pleated skirts
Patch denim  /  Red  /  Suede moto (same)
 Studded leather  /  Rose gold  /  White collared shirt  
 Feathers One, Two, Three, Four

The hubs is under the weather this week, so today I'm share some of my favorite trends for fall 2017. This is actually the same day - August 10th - that I posted about fall trends last year! It's really fun to look back and see how the list changes over the years, because for the most part it doesn't change much at all. I still love the things on last year's list, too. My trend curation comes from a mix of things I'm shopping (I may have acquired a few items pictured here already!), and observing commonalities among stores carrying the same types of items. No official type of methodology, just a gut instinct and some personal preference peppered in!

Which trend is your favorite? What fall trends did I leave off the list?