Today's Everyday Fashion: Is This Dress Too Austin Powers?


I am the absolute worst at making decisions. This dress has been sitting in my closet for two weeks, and I can't decide if I like it!! Typically, if you're on the fence about something, then I'd say it's a "no." But it's the "maybes" that haunt me. Half the time, they wind up being my favorite thing in my closet! And the other half, I deeply regret it. The maybes are the WORST!! And this dress is a definite maybe. I keep trying it on with different accessories, asking my husband to weigh in, and finally thought photos would solve it, but NOPE. (Highly recommend having a friend snap a phone pic if you're unsure though, photos help a lot.) So now I'm asking your input: is this dress boho chic, or Austin Powers? How would you style it?

ps. Thanks for all the recommendations on dress pants last week! I've been doing some digging, and hit the jackpot of fun colors and shapes, see below. They are BOGO 50% off right now so I ordered four pairs - one, two, five and one!

Dress: H&M, $40 (keeping?)
Shoes: Dolce Vita, $50 (samesimilar)
Purse: Stella & Dot, old (similarsimilar)
Necklace: My Stella & Dot
Earrings: My Stella & Dot
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, $4 (similarsimilar)
Approx. dates: Purse is 5 years ago. Shoes are 3 years ago. Sunglasses and necklace are 1 year ago. Earrings are recent. Dress is new (keeping?).

Colorful dress pants on a budget

One  /  Two  /  Three  /  Four  /  Five  /  Six
One  /  Two  /  Three  /  Four  /  Five  /  Six