Today's Everyday Fashion: In Pursuit Of Ordinary


Simple. Ordinary. Basic. Descriptors I once avoided at all costs, especially in regards to fashion. My personal style can often be summarized as an attempt to escape from the ordinary! Sometimes I seem downright determined to push style as far as I can. How colorful, sparkly and dressed up can I be without looking totally out of place in the suburbs?!

Lately though, I’ve been craving simplicity. Not instead of being colorful, sparkly and dressed up - even when there’s no occasion that calls for it! - but in addition to it. And certainly we can be both as women. We can be the big, loud sparkly outfit girl and the just a plain shirt and jeans girl, too.

Sometimes in today’s culture we chase the extraordinary, forgoing the ordinary altogether. It’s completely normal to want those big moments, those big breakthroughs and those big, perfect Cinderella moments that take our breath away. But there is so much to embrace about the ordinary, too.

In one of my favorite moments on Oprah’s podcast she says something I believe we can apply to fashion. She says: “I get frustrated with those who look for the ‘big’ calling [or outfits] in their lives when all around you are ordinary moments and experiences that could be extraordinary just by giving them your love and attention." To which Barbara Brown Taylor replies, "I'm all for greatness, but being focused on greatness can be a way to avoid living the life that you are presently being given to live."

In this moment, in this outfit, I’m embracing the simple, ordinary, basic. And loving every minute of it.

(Ps. This shirt can be worn the “regular” way too - tucked in or open. I knotted it for fun!)

Top: American Eagle, $35 (the “orange” color)
Jeans: Levi’s c/o Amazon, $59 (same, same, same)
Boots: Steve Madden (same - similar below)
Purse: Lauren Conrad/Kohl’s, $40
Approx. dates: Boots are 2 years ago. Jeans and purse are recent. Top is new.