Today's Everyday Fashion: This Old Thing?


More often than not, when someone compliments what I’m wearing, I find myself saying, “This old thing?! Thank you!” This sweater and skirt are from five and six years ago, respectively, and this combo (paired with RED!) is one I still love and wear today. Check out my best clothing care tips for keeping things fresh year after year, and some similar options below to add these “classics” to your closet!

Coat: J.Crew Factory, $58 (similar below)
Sweater: Old Navy, $12 (similar, similar, plus)
Skirt: boutique, old (similar, similar)
Shoes: Chinese Laundry/Ross, $23 (similar, similar)
Necklace: Stella & Dot, old (similar, similar)
Purse: Bloomingdale's, $70 (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Skirt is 6 years ago. Sweater is 5 years ago. Shoes and necklace are 4 years ago. Coat is 2 years ago. Purse is recent.