Today's Everyday Fashion: Can We Talk About This Scarf?


This scarf is fuzzy, it’s multi-colored, it’s warm. And… how are you supposed to wear it, exactly? Open or closed? Over a sweater, or only when you’re outside, with a coat? These are the questions I sought to explore after ordering it on Black Friday. But once it arrived, I found I was no further along in my quest for answers. How would you wear this scarf? Does it work for a holiday party, or only when you are outside?

Scarf: LOFT, $35
Top: LOFT, $32 (similar, similar, plus)
Jeans: Levi’s c/o Amazon, $59 (same, same, same)
Shoes: Macy’s, $54 (comes in six colors)
Purse: Marc Jacobs/Saks Off Fifth, $225 (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Purse is 3 years ago. Top is 1 year ago. Jeans are recent. Shoes and scarf are new.