Today's Everyday Fashion: Why I Post Imperfect Outfits

Inspiration:  Modcloth

Inspiration: Modcloth


The truth is, I don't always 100% love the outfits I post. Sometimes they have flaws - flaws which I'm often quick to point out and discuss within the post! While that can be a bit unconventional for a style blog, I wouldn't want it any other way. Here's why I post imperfect outfits: 

  1. My opinion is not the only one that matters! Other people might like it and that's awesome.
  2. Fashion opinions are fluid. I may like something one week but not the next and vice versa, so even if I liked it once that could change.
  3. I enjoy the vulnerability of sharing the whole story - not just the perfect parts - on social media.
  4. I'm operating from an actual person's closet, not a magazine! I'm on a limited budget and have self-imposed sponsor constraints (I don't accept free items for regular blog posts the way magazines and many bloggers do). I post 20-25 "new" outfits each month using my own closet; it's not easy!
  5. I hope it's inspiring. All my bad outfits over the years lead to lots of improvement. I like my style so much better today, and that's because I kept trying! If you're going for a home run record, you're always going to have strike-outs, because it means you'll have to swing harder and more often.
  6. There's so much to be learned from the examples that don't work (why something didn't fit, or colors were off, etc.), often even more so than the ones that do work. 
  7.  I'm all sorts of human over here, and not even close to perfect, so my outfits are too.

About today's look: I threw it together at a moment's notice and though it gets points for being office-friendly and it's certainly creative, it's also perhaps a little too busy. Each element is super cute but together something feels off? I leave it up to you guys!!

Top: LOFT, $23 (also a dress)
Pants: LOFT, $35 (also comes in red)
Cardigan: H&M, $25 (similar below)
Scarf: H&M, $6 (similar below)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson, $59 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Purse: Aldo/Amazon, $40 (similarsimilar)
Earrings: My Stella & Dot
Approx. dates: Cardigan is 7 years ago. Shoes are 4 years ago. Purse is 3 years ago. Top, pants, scarf are new.

Century 21  /  Talbots (plus)  /  Nordstrom Rack  /
LOFT  /  Zappos  /  Nordstrom  /  Zappos  /  Nordstrom Rack