That's So Basic: 15 Casual Outfits On Repeat

What do your 15 most-repeated outfits look like? Have you ever thought about it? I put a list together for my own closet and guys... I think I might be basic. (No shame in that!) Seriously though, these aren't the most exciting outfits I've ever posted, but they are truly what I "throw on" as I'm headed out the door!

(ps. This is my "cold weather" version of casual. The two sleeveless outfits pictured, I wear with a jacket.)


If you've ever seen me, then you've seen me wearing this kimono.

A really old top remixed, so easy to throw on!

I basically don't pack a suitcase without packing this striped top.

Statement pieces like this jacket do all the work; they make the outfit. 


A recent addition, but already on repeat with a suede moto or denim jacket.

download (1).jpeg

I was wearing the band jacket (two photos above) so much, I added this secondhand jacket to my closet recently.

It was colder than usual this winter, so I wore this at least 20 times.

Last fall it was on repeat, and will be again this spring.

Sometimes I go super-feminine for casual looks and this combo got tons of wear.


Most-repeated outfit, 3 years running.

download (2).jpeg

For all those days when I wear workout clothes and don't go to the gym.

This jacket/tee combo with sneakers = no brainer.  

These jeans are in every load of whites I ever do. This combo in particular is clutch.

Another version of ladylike with jeans, this time with a pop of color.


I just spent a week straight in this outfit while traveling. So comfy!