Dance The Night Away With AirPufs

We are proud to partner with AirPufs for today’s post. Sponsors are carefully selected in conjunction with our mission statement to bring you style content we think you’ll love! All opinions and editorial decisions are solely my own.

I love a good pair of high heels and I'm hardly ever without a pair on my feet! But something I'm totally unwilling to deal with is a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable. Shoes need to be easy to wear first and foremost, which is exactly where AirPufs comes in! 

These cute insoles (they come in more than 20 adorable prints) are about to change your shoe game forever. The secret material in AirPufs is a hypoallergenic foam originally only used for injury and recovery that is twenty times more shock absorbent than other brands. They ship worldwide for a flat fee of $7, and work for any type of shoe - not only high heels, but also flats. Wear them to a wedding to dance the night away, for those long work days on your feet, or to run errands. The adhesive backing comes off easily and stays well, but you can also peel them off and re-adjust if needed. 

And here's a special offer just for you guys - the first 50 customers: buy 3 pairs and receive free shipping

Plus did I mention how cute they are? Check out some more colorful insoles I put in my shoes below, and head over to AirPufs to browse and see which pair would be an adorable - and comfortable - addition to your heels at home!

Which pair is your favorite?