Today's Everyday Fashion: Five Clothing Care Tips


Re-wearing old clothes is my jam. It's great for my wallet, it's great for the environment and ultimately - I like my clothes and want to keep wearing the beautiful things I've collected! Today's dress is only two years old, but you can often find me wearing things much older. Which then begs the question: how does one keep old clothing looking fresh and new? Here are my five best care tips. I'd love to hear your tips, too!

  1. Air dry everything. Not only will you save energy (and ultimately money!) but it's also so much more gentle on your clothes. 
  2. Wear it a couple times before you wash it. If you wore it all day long (to work, for example) or got sweaty at any point, then wash it right away (the oils in your skin may actually damage clothing if too much time passes). But if you only had an outfit on for an hour or two, set it aside, and proudly repeat that outfit a couple days later before putting it through the wash.
  3. Skip traditional dry cleaning. I have been using Dryel - at home dry cleaning - for years. It's cheaper, easier, but also way more gentle on your clothes because it doesn't use harsh chemicals.
  4. Skip the iron. I swear by using a steamer to remove wrinkles because it's easier but bonus - it's also less abrasive to your clothes. I use this steamer at home and this one for travel.
  5. Carefully store things. Some items need a little more love and thought in the way they are stored. Heavy necklaces should never hang - their own weight can bend or distort them. Sweaters are also better folded, as are many handbags. 

Dress: Limited, $65 (similarsimilar)
Purse: Vince Camuto/Saks Off 5th, $70 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Shoes: JustFab, $39 (similar, similar)
Earrings: Amazon, $10
Approx. dates: Shoes are 4 years ago. Dress, purse are 2 years ago. Earrings are recent.