Today's Everyday Fashion: My Controversial Speech


I recently gave a speech in front of 500 women (gulp) and this is what I wore! My talk (which you can watch on my Instagram account via the IGTV button from your phone) is only 3 minutes long, and is essentially the main lesson from, or a condensed version of, my book. I look confident in the clip, but before stepping onto the stage I was pretty much terrified to tackle this (annoyingly) controversial subject (ie, it's controversial but it shouldn't be; my "why" for talking about it in the first place. I want fashion to be a place of freedom, not guilt and judgment). The audience reacted so positively though, and overall, it was a great event. My outfit was a bit of a last-minute decision. Floral sheaths are such an easy and comfortable to thing to throw on for any work event, and this one was no exception!

Dress: Macy's, $45 (same, same, same)
Shoes: Lord & Taylor, $29 (same, same, same)
Purse: Aldo/Amazon, $40 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Earrings:  Jane, $5 (similar)
Approx. dates: Purse is 3 years ago. Shoes are recent. Dress is new.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 11.20.46 PM.png