Today's Everyday Fashion: Comfy For the Win


This outfit renders the typical routine of “returns home, immediately changes into pajamas” completely unnecessary. Because it already feels like you are wearing pajamas! It’s really that soft, comfortable, and forgiving. I’m not sure when trendy things became comfy things, but I gotta tell you - I am here for it. I found this pair of stretchy pants in the post-Christmas sales (waited until it got warmer to photograph them), but lots of similar options for ya below. In today’s world, comfy pants rule (yoga pants I’m looking at you) and there are so many cute ways of wearing them!

Bodysuit: Nordstrom Rack, $13 (similar, similar, similar)
Pants: Express, $13 (same print as shorts)
Purse: Forever 21, $30 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Express, $42 (similar, similar, similar)
Earrings: Amazon, $10
Approx. dates: Bodysuit, purse, shoes and earrings are last year. Pants are new.