Eden & Ivy Fair Trade Dress in 3 Colors

So… I counted. And I‘ve spent 19 of the last 23 days working at our new business, getting it ready to open. And by working I mean physically working late into the evening - painting or whatever labor I can contribute. My body is beyond worn out but my heart is so, so full. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be starting this business, so grateful for the season of rest that came before this that prepared me. And so grateful for Eden & Ivy launching right now!! It’s certainly a morale boost to see something we (me + Elegantees) started working on almost a year ago come to life. All of your responses and notes have been so appreciated, too. I’ve even seen pics of you wearing the collection which is SO fun! And knowing that the women in Nepal who made these dresses are being given fair employment and that fashion is restoring lives? Whoa. Such good stuff.

On top of all of that - this dress is SO pretty and fun to wear!! I’m excited to share this latest Eden & Ivy release with you today - a beautiful, versatile dress in 3 vibrant colors!

Which color do you gravitate towards most?

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