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Video Tour of My Closet
How to Set a Clothing Budget
If Copying is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right
If Fashion Mistakes are Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right
Fighting Fat Talk
A Peek Inside My Jewelry Box
My Fitness Story
My Beauty + Hair Story
Mission: Sierra Leone 


Video Tour of My Closet
Behind the Scenes: Walmart
 Behind the Scenes: Gainesville Fashion Week 
 J's Tips on Daytime 
 J's Tips on Lifetime
J's Makeover Show
How to Belt a Cardigan
Interview with Giuliana Rancic 

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Budget Update - July 2014
Budget Update - May 2014
My February Budget 2014
My January Budget 2014
My December Budget 2013
My November Budget 2013
My October Budget 2013
My September Budget 2013
My August Budget 2013
My June & July Budget 2013
My May & June Budget 2013
My April Budget 2013
My March Budget 2013
My January/February Budget 2013
My December Budget 2012
My October/November Budget 2012
My September Budget 2012
My August Budget 2012
My June/July Budget 2012
My May Budget
My April Budget
My March Budget
My February Budget
My December/January Budget
My November Budget
My July Budget
My May/June Budget 
My April Budget 
My March Budget  
My February Budget 
Day-After-Christmas Shopping

How-to Blogging

Why I Blog on Facebook
10 New Blogger Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)
Let's Discuss: Creativity
Let's Discuss: Success
My Typical Work Week

Flashback Friday

Thanksgiving Outfits 10 Ways
Holiday Outfits 20 Ways
Chambray & Oxford 30 Ways
Bubble Necklaces 14 Ways
Polka Dot Shirt 5 Ways
Military Jacket 12 Ways 
Stripes 10 Ways
Gingham Shirt 8 Ways 
Mustard Sweater 7 Ways
Plaid Shirt 4 Ways
Military + Safari 14 Ways
Black Skinny Jeans 12 Ways
Camel Leather Jacket 6 Ways
Black Boyfriend Blazer 10 Ways
Mustard Cardigan 7 Ways
Skinny Cargos 17 Ways 
Utility Belt 6 Ways 
Navy Blazer 14 Ways
Camel Skirt 8 Ways
Black & Brown 10 Ways
Tribal Skirt 5 Ways
Nude Shoes 14 Ways
Cropped Khakis 8 Ways
Graphic Tees 12 Ways
Colorful Cardigans 34 Ways
Striped Shirt 5 Ways
Red Pumps 10 Ways
White Skinny Jeans 14 Ways
Mustard Shirt 10 Ways
Red Pants 9 Ways
Winter 2010 Top 10 Outfits
Spring 2011 Top 10 Outfits










How-to Style

How to Get Inspired and Create New Outfits
Age-Appropriate Dressing
How to Save Money on Clothes
What to Wear for a Job Interview
How to Layer Necklaces
How to Set a Clothing Budget
Fall 2012 Trends Guide
5 Winning Color Combos
Junior's vs. Women's Section
Why You Should Buy Multiples
What to Wear to a Wedding
How to Fray Denim Shorts
What to Wear on July 4th
Tips for Wearing Yellow
Tips for Wearing Sandals at Work
How to Pack
Team Spirit Outfits (KU)
Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs
Winter Trends That Will Work This Spring
How to Dress Up a Work Polo
Fall 2011 Trends Guide
How to Find Your Office Style 
How to Wear Statement Necklaces 
How to Use Inspiration Photos 
6 Clothing Items You Can Repurpose Now
How to Select Comfy Shoes
Office Dress Codes Do's and Don'ts
6 Ways to Use Inspiration Photos
Secrets of Shopping at Banana Republic/Gap
How to Wear Black & Brown Together
What to Wear on Easter Sunday 2011
What to Wear on Valentine's Day 2011,  2012
Secrets of Shopping at Forever 21
How to Belt a Cardigan
6 Ways to Wear Spring Scarves
What to Keep, What to Toss
Secrets of Shopping at ASOS.com
How to Dress for Air Travel, with a Climate Change
What to Wear to a Photo Session
What to Wear to a Winter Wedding
Four Ways to Update a Blazer
5 Easy Fashion Resolutions for 2011
What to Wear for Every Holiday Occasion
Get More Mileage out of Your Holiday Dress
5 Jeans for Spring and How to Wear Them
Spring 2011 Shopping Guide

Europe Posts

How to Pack
How to Travel Cheaply
London 1
London 2
London 3
Rome / London
Rome 2
Rome 3
Milan 1
Paris 1
Paris 2

Tropical Posts

How to Pack for a Cruise
Shopping for a Cruise on a $100 Budget
Cruise Diary, Part 1
Cruise Diary, Part 2
Cruise Diary, Part 3
Cruise, Diary, Part 4
Cabo 1
Cabo 2
Cabo 3
Roatan 1
Roatan 2
Roatan 3
Roatan 4
Roatan Travel Guide
Palm Beach 1
Palm Beach 2
Palm Beach 3
Palm Beach 4
Palm Beach 5
Bahamas 1
Bahamas 2
Bahamas 3
Bahamas 4
Caribbean 1
Caribbean 2
Caribbean 3
Caribbean 4
Caribbean 5
Caribbean 6
Caribbean 7