Today's Everyday Fashion: The Gun Show

 I was faced with an interesting question yesterday: what does one wear to a gun show? I went with comfy jeans, comfy shoes and my latest find at TJ Maxx - a floral shirt that I though fit the bill. I tried taking my picture while we were at the show (how cool is this old Phillips 66 sign?!) but the sun wasn't cooperating so I snapped the left photo when I got home (don't hate, I'm still sick and had been crying = not cute). I shot a gun for the first time in my life and the whole experience freaked me out so much I cried - am I the only one this has happened to? I mean, I'm from the sticks of Kansas so you would think this would be no big deal, but I had never been that close to a gun and they are scary. I managed to shoot it twice and I'm determined to try again, but it was quite the adventure! :-)

Occasion: Gun show
Sweater: Gap, $25
Shirt: Silence & Noise/TJ Maxx, $15
Belt: American Eagle/Filene's Basement, $5
Jeans: American Eagle, $33
Boots: Forever 21, $33
Necklace: c/o Designs by Mandi, $14
Purse: Juicy Couture/Neiman Marcus Last Call, $115