Why I don't 30x30

I’m going to start with some disclaimers right up front!
  1. There is absolutely no judgment on fashion bloggers who do this challenge. These are solely my opinions and what I feel is best for my own blog. I do not advocate "boycotting" all fashion bloggers during the remix, nor is that my intent with this post.
  2. I am posting my opinion to: a. answer those who have asked if I am planning to do it and b. because I think it’s fun to think outside the box and not just go with what is popular, but to throw in some dissenting opinions too!
By now you have gathered that I will not be doing the 30x30 challenge. (The 30x30 is a challenge that hundreds of personal style bloggers participate in. They pick 30 pieces of clothing/shoes and in 30 days that’s all they can wear. They post pictures of the 30 outfits they came up with.) Here's why:
  1. The biggest reason - 30x30 does not fit in with my blog’s mission statement. My mission is to keep it real and represent real-life clothing situations at all times. The only time a real-life 30x30 situation happens is if you take a trip that lasts 30 days. I don’t feel this situation happens enough to warrant “practicing”. This also goes again some of the principles I teach on this blog, such as: use everything you have! Wear that blazer you haven’t worn in 5 years! Why leave out the rest of your clothes for a month? This doesn’t make good sense in real life.
  2. My mission is also to help people get creative and feel good about themselves with clothes. I'm writing for an audience of real people who are not pros (neither am I!) and I see the 30x30 as a potentially stressful situation: "what items do I choose?" "how do I put them together?" I can literally see someone crying in their closet over it, which takes all the FUN out of fashion! The challenge seems like it's better suited for a talented fashion blogger or stylist, not an everyday girl.
  3. I treasure the fact that my blog is unique and there isn’t another one out there like it. Blogs are such personal and specialized little slices of heaven – for the life of me I can’t figure out why everyone wants to be posting the same things at the same time for a month?
  4. From a reader perspective, if you do the 30x30 challenge I pretty much stop reading your blog for a month. Not because I'm a hater, but because I find it boring. (Again, I'm not advocating boycotting 30x30 bloggers here, I'm just stating my opinion as a reader. If it's boring to me, I certainly wouldn't want to post about it, right? My reasons for not being interested are the same as above, simply because it's not a realistic situation. I love the Biggest Loser and American Idol, which are competitions that make differences in people's lives. But 30x30 is like watching Minute to Win It - why are they trying to balance golf balls on their forehead again?)
  5. Last week I came up with these four challenges off the top of my head. I think they are better suited for the everyday girl, and these situations DO occur in real life:
  • When you are out of ideas: wear the same shirt or dress 4 times this month, in different ways.
  • When you need to do laundry: wear the same pants or skirt M-F, in different ways.
  • When you have no $: challenge yourself to not buy a single new item for 60 days, and use what you already have.
  • When you bored with your clothes: challenge yourself to wear 10 items this month that you haven't worn in 6+ months.
I’m interested in hearing your thoughts! Is the 30x30 something you would like to see on this blog? Or any of the other challenges I listed? How do you feel about doing the 30x30 on your blog and why? Please let me know what you think in the comments section!