J's Everyday Fashion - THE SHOW!

I have some crazy-exciting news! J's Everyday Fashion is partnering with Izon Orlando to produce a makeover show based on this blog!! Thirteen lucky ladies will receive a makeover from yours truly, and the best part - everyone can watch from home. Why this rocks my world:

- I get to help 13 women face-to-face, which is right in line with my mission statement for this blog.
- I'm planning to choose women with different body types and ages, so I can share tips and tricks that apply to many different women.
- The show will be available to watch online, so no matter where you live you can join in on the fun.

Details: the pilot episode will air in a few months. After that, I will be opening up a search for anyone who wants to be on the show. (For now, I ask that you please hold off on emailing me to apply.) I'll be sharing updates as the pilot progresses and of course will let you know when the show premieres and the search begins.

A huge thanks to all of you who read my blog - you are the ones making this show possible and I'm so excited to share fashion tips with you in a new way!