Today's Everyday Fashion: The Winning Recipe

Some people follow recipes to make dinner, I follow recipes to make outfits. Today's inspiration photo is from Zara and it's a bit like a recipe in my eyes. Add one cinnamon skirt + buttercream cardigan + a dash of a belt? Anyone else seeing what I'm seeing? All joking aside, today I have some meetings for my social media gig and needed a look that is professional but stylish, and comfortable to boot. Ding, ding, ding we have a winning recipe! :-)

Styling tip: Look for inspiration everywhere. Today's photo is from the regular merchandise pages of Zara (not the fancy lookbooks they create, which are also full of inspiration). Whenever you get inspired or think of an outfit idea be sure write it down. Then consult your list the next time you need a new outfit in a snap!

Occasion: Business meetings
Photo left:
Cardigan: Banana Republic, $14
Shirt: Banana Republic, $17
Skirt: J.Crew, $45
Belt: Gap, $10
Shoes: BCBG/Ross, $23
Watch: Michael Kors, Christmas present
Necklace: Banana Republic, $18