Flashback Friday: Graphic Tees

[Click the photo to view it larger.] Okay, okay... so it's a day early for Flashback Friday, but it has been a couple of weeks since I've done one, and I'm still recovering from my "vacation" so here it is! I have always loved graphic tees. I wore them tons in high school, a lot in college, and then I stopped. I felt like they were to immature, so for awhile I didn't wear them at all. But then I realized it's really all in how you wear them, because now I believe that they can look quite sophisticated!

Styling tips: I love graphic tees under blazers (a la Kate Moss), and I also love adding a random pop of color with a graphic tee that exists no where else in your outfit. A third way to wear them is to match a graphic tee to another color in your outfit so that both pieces really pop. Do you wear graphic tees? How do you style them?