My New Website!

I'm so excited to announce my new website: Shop J's Closet, a place for J's Everyday Fashion fans to shop together! On this budget-friendly shopping website you will find:
  • Items in my closet
  • Items that are very similar to items in my closet
  • Items that I would like to own
  • The opportunity to leave comments on items – we can talk, you can ask me questions, and even share the items with your friends
I love that I will be able to share all my favorite picks from across the Internet with you in one, organized place! I also love that everything you buy will directly support J's Everyday Fashion and keep this content free, frequent and ad-free! (Many of the items on the site are affiliate programs, so I will be earning a commission. If it’s something you would buy anyway, I would love your support!) I can't wait to get started shopping with you!


ps. Shop J's Closet is a work in progress and I plan to add new merchandise on an almost-daily basis. If you have suggestions for improvements to the site, and/or some items you would like me to add please email me at or comment below!