Today's Everyday Fashion: Neoprene

Believe it or not - neoprene, the stuff you find in wetsuits, has been a big trend on runways for the past few seasons. I have always been oddly fascinated with this trend. There's something about it that I find really appealing, maybe the reference to scuba diving reminds me of the ocean which equals happy times? Either way, I've really been wanting to give it a try. I scaled it way back (obviously) and focused on colors (seafoam and the pop of orange) and fabric (this skirt has a total wetsuit vibe if you've seen it in person) to create a neoprene-inspired look for work! Tell me - do you like the neoprene trend? Have you ever tried to wear it in everyday life?

Inspiration photo: Cynthia Rowley for Roxy
Occasion: Work
Blazer: Banana Republic, $35
T-shirt: Forever 21, $8
Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $9
Skirt: LOFT, $55
Shoes: Aldo, $50