Today's Everyday Fashion: The Same But Different

I am all about choices lately because today I'm showing you another way you can take an idea (hot pink + black/ivory print + turquoise) and make it work in different ways! On the left we have a fun and funky look for work, and on the right we have a casual outfit that uses the same color combo, but totally flips things around. Try doing this in your own wardrobe - take a color combo you love and use it for work and play. Or use this idea when you see something you want to copy, but need to flip-flop the top and bottom to use what you already have!

ps. Thanks for all the encouragement about my hair yesterday -- you guys really are the best. I still maintain that I look like fuzzhead, so these will be the last couple pics with my au natural hair for awhile. :-)

Cardigan: Express, really old
Shirt: Banana Republic, $15
Necklace: H&M, $14 (recent)
Skirt: Limited, $30
Shoes: Steve Madden at Ross, $20

Shirt: TJ Maxx, $13
Shorts: Forever 21, $15
Necklace: H&M, $14 (recent)
Shoes: Macy's, $13