May & June Budget

Confession: I don't always spend my monthly allowance within that same month. Sometimes I spend into next month, and sometimes I go a whole month without spending anything at all. It's actually part of my budgeting strategy though. I am a big believer in everyone having a clothing budget, no matter what your income level. But just because you have a set amount of $ to spend in a month doesn't mean you should go out and try to spend that whole amount in any given month. What if you don't find anything you like? Or have zero time to go shopping? In that case, I really think it's better to hold onto your allowance and use it later. 

My budget for May and June were both $100. I skipped shopping in May (it was a busy month for me!) and did all my shopping in June (and went a teensy bit over). Another bonus to this strategy: there were amazing sales in June, so my money went further than it would have in May! Here's what I bought:

1. H&M ivory blouse, $18
2. H&M striped shirt, $10
3. Gap shorts, $24*
4. Limited shirt, $33 (purchased online with a coupon code, price includes shipping)
5. American Eagle dress, $20* 
6.  Gap leather belts, $7 and $12*
7. Gap neon belt, $11*
8. Forever 21 earrings, $6
9. H&M necklace, $13
10. JcPenney necklace, $15
11. H&M flower, $4
12. American Eagle feather necklaces, $5 each*
13. Express sandals, $16*
14. Nordstrom Rack sandals, $30                            Grand Total = $234

*Purchased in the store during a sale. No coupon was used. In-store prices are usually much lower than online prices.