Today's Everyday Fashion: Art in Translation

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Mine got off to a rough start, but ended on a high note. I had mole surgery on Friday and was not expecting recovery to be so complicated. The doctor axed our plans to go to the beach, and the four stitches in my armpit made for some serious pain and I haven't been able to move my right arm much. Why am I telling you this? 1. To remind everyone to have a mole screening if you haven't lately! I made an appointment thinking I was being silly, but it turns out that two moles needed to be removed, and one of them was pretty serious. (Note: My moles were not at all related to being in the sun. I have very dark skin naturally and I use SPF, but melanoma can be genetic, etc. and can happen to ANYONE, even if you are very careful about being in the sun.) Please don't miss this important check up no matter who you are! 2. I have such limited use of my arm, it's really hard to get dressed, so just a heads up that I might not be posting outfits for a couple days until I heal. (Boo.)

About my outfit: I absolutely love the idea of using art and/or a general color story for inspiration for an outfit. This page of Lucky magazine was just so pretty, I knew had to save it, and it inspired this outfit. I did more of a brown color (versus the gray) with my green and yellow, but I love their pairing as well. Tell me - where is the most random place you have gotten fashion inspiration from?

Inspiration photo: Lucky magazine
Shirt: Banana Republic, $35
Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $9
Belt: H&M, $20
Shorts: Gap, $25
Shoes: c/o Chinese Laundry