Today's Everyday Fashion: Buongiorno from Milan

Dinner in Milan

Next stop on our vacation: Milan! We spent two nights and approximately 1.5 days in Italy's fashion capital. The minute we stepped off the plane, I couldn't believe how hot it was!! I totally did not pack for weather that warm (eek). I was also in shock at how tall, tan and thin everyone was. One subway ride full of Milan women and I felt short, fat and pale (oh well). I was absolutely exhausted from traveling, so we did something different for sightseeing on our first day - we went for a run! It is one of my favorite ways to see a new city and it felt great to get some exercise (the one and only time I exercised on the trip despite bringing plenty of workout clothes, whoops). That night we treated ourselves to an authentic Italian meal and I wore the outfit above. The next day, we went sightseeing throughout Milan, the Duomo being the biggest and best stop on our tour (totally obsessed, and I loved walking on the roof). I originally planned my outfit with a trench coat but it was hot, and I was even a little overheated in the dress. I loved wearing my new gold boat shoes though! They are a great alternative to sneakers on a trip like this and proved to be incredibly comfortable. I did not shop in this city, but I did plenty of observing again. Here's what I learned about fashion in Milan:

- People are dressed to the nines in this city. They definitely care more about fashion and are "flashier" than people in Paris.
- The best comparison I can come up with for the US is that they dress kind of like Miami, very sexy and I saw a lot of fishnet shirts, lace tights, sundresses and sandals.
- White pants are a staple in this city. Everyone was wearing them, and it was well past Labor Day (a US holiday, but you catch my drift).
- If you are planning to visit a church (like Duomo) in Italy, make sure you are within dress code. Your skirt/shorts needs to be knee length, no v-necks or small straps. I totally forgot about this rule and they almost didn't let me in because of how short my pink dress was. In another city I brought a scarf in my purse to make my skirt longer when I entered churches. 

Dinner outfit
Shirt: J.Crew, $45
Skirt: J.Crew, $45
Belt: H&M, $20
Shoes: Michael Kors c/o Marshall's, $50 (style name: MK Plate Driver)
Purse: c/o It's in the Bag, $79
Earrings: c/o Pop of Chic, $12

The outfit I planned

Sightseeing outfit
Dress: c/o Varga Store, $44
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website
Belt: Gap, $15
Shoes: White Mountain c/o Ross, $25
Trench coat: New York & Company, $50
Purse: c/o It's in the Bag, $79

The outfit I wore

In front of Duomo

On the roof of Duomo

Inside Duomo