Today's Everyday Fashion: The Work Polo

Today's post is not sexy or glamorous but it does answer a practical question most of us have faced at one time - what do I wear with my "required" shirt? And by required shirt I mean - volunteering and wearing the official shirt, wearing a team shirt to an event, or being asked by your employer to wear a shirt. I recently attended the Women's Conference in Jacksonville for my VISIT FLORIDA job, and was asked to wear my VISIT FLORIDA polo both days. I could have slapped on jeans but I decided to have fun with it and dress it up a little bit. (As the saying goes, "You never know when you will meet the President!") The first day I had fun with color, pairing it with a printed skirt and my favorite mustard shoes. The second day, I kept the bottom neutral but added fun pops of color with my accessories.

One of my most common questions I receive is "I want to wear the team jersey but how do I dress it up?" My response is always to make the rest of your outfit as girlie as possible. Wear some slim-fitting jeans or a skirt that shows off your figure. Tuck in the jersey if possible and wear a belt. Add some statement earrings and heels. The one masculine piece (the jersey) will look great next to all the feminine pieces! Tell me - what are your tips and ideas for wearing a company or team shirt?

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In front of the VISIT FLORIDA booth