Today's Everyday Fashion: Merry Christmas Eve

Last night I attended Christmas Eve service at my church and this is what I wore! (I won't be in town for "real" Christmas Eve, so I had to celebrate a little early.) When I think of holidays, the first two things that pop into my head are the color red and sparkle. I first tossed around the idea of wearing my red blazer, but it was a bit too hot for blazers last night, so I settled on this red pencil skirt instead. I added just a touch of sparkle with the shirt and kept the rest neutral with a gray-ish cardigan and pumps. If I lived in a colder climate, I would have added some gray tights like these from the Limited and a winter coat. Every church is different (when I lived in Boston this would have felt a bit too loud in my more conservative church), but I think this could be a great holiday look for many different occasions. What are you planning to wear on Christmas Eve?

Cardigan: Banana Republic, $30
Shirt: c/o Marshall's, $15 (recent)
Belt: Limited, $15
Skirt: Victoria's Secret c/o MJR Sales, $17
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $5
Shoes: Banana Republic, $50
Bracelets: Banana Republic

1. Express high waist red pencil skirt, $59.90
2. Victoria's Secret red pencil skirt, $49.50
3. Express red pencil skirt, $47.94