Today's Everyday Fashion: Merry Christmas!

I totally went there. I'm wearing red pants and red plaid to celebrate Christmas this year. I am headed home to Kansas today and this is what I'm wearing on the plane and to a family get-together immediately after I get off the plane. I'm hoping it will be comfy enough for a longggg day and yet show my Christmas spirit at the same time (there's still time to get on Santa's "good" list, after all). What are you wearing on Christmas this year?

Sweater: Gap, old
Shirt: American Eagle, $24 (recent)
Pants: Gap, $20
Belt: H&M, $20
Boots: Steve Madden Tanngoo from Endless, $47
Necklace: Stella & Dot

1. Forever 21 plaid shirt, $13.50
2. American Eagle red jeans, $44.50
3. Steve Madden Tanngoo boots, $60.99 (same ones I'm wearing)