Shoe Shopping with #ALDOCheckYourHedge

Pump  /  Wedge  /  Pump
Pump  /  Sandals  /  Sandals
Wedge  /  Sandals  /  Flats

Alright ladies, let's imagine for a moment that you were offered a free pair of shoes from ALDO - which ones would you choose?! There are just so many great options so I thought I'd ask for your votes to help narrow it down (I'm picking a pair this week to style three ways on the blog, and stay tuned because I *might* be giving away a pair too!!). Would you go for something sleek and futuristic like above, or something a bit more boho and casual like below? Which pair would you choose?

Wedge  /  Wedge  /  Wedge
Sandals  /  Purse  /  Sandals
Pump  /  Wedge  /  Sandals

This is a sponsored post. Opinions expressed and collages are my own. Thanks for reading!