Today's Everyday Fashion: Budget Update

J. Crew  /  Forever 21  /  Forever 21  /  Ann Taylor
BR Outlet  /  TJ Maxx  /  J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory

Here's everything I bought since my last budget post in July! These items should look familiar - they've all been featured in outfit posts. :-)

1. J.Crew, $35 - One of my favorite scores of all time. I walked into the store and it was marked down to $35, no coupon. (At least one FB reader said they got it for less than I did though, lucky!) It's still $119 on the website.
2. Forever 21, $23 - My new favorite swim cover-up, that I may also try to wear as a shirt thanks to your suggestions.
3. Forever 21, $24 - Looks like it came from a boutique, but half the price. Score!
4. Ann Taylor, $18 - I got this awesome price with a coupon code online. I wasn't sure how much I'd wear these but I'm already finding them a great addition to my closet!
5. BR Outlet, $10 - The kind of tank top you'll find me wearing around the house or to run errands.
6. TJ Maxx, $13 - A boho print I couldn't pass up.
7. J.Crew Factory, $24 - J.Crew Factory slayed me with their adorable shorts this summer. I ordered these online with a coupon code.
8. J.Crew Factory, $24 - More cute shorts from the same online order.

Banana Republic  /  H&M  /  H&M
Vince Camuto  /  Michael Kors

Here's everything I bought on my impromptu shopping trip yesterday. None of these have been featured on the blog yet. 99% sure I'm keeping everything but there's always a chance something will go back!

1. Banana dress, $30 - All sale items were 50% off in the store yesterday, so it was marked down to $50. Then I used a $20 reward that was about to expire, to bring the price to $30.
2. H&M dress, $36 - I used a 10% off coupon I found in the dressing room (I texted to sign up for the newsletter and they texted the coupon back). They had this dress paired with a military jacket and boots on the mannequin and I loved it. I also may try it with fancy shoes for a wedding.
3. H&M top, $9 - Also 10% off. This top has a long/loose fit on the bottom and I can see tons of layering potential with it this fall. 
4. Vince Camuto, $112 - A new cognac purse! The hunt finally ends!! Purchased at Macy's but they offered to price match the Vince Camuto website. This price is a steal with the extra 25% off coupon code FRIENDS right now.
5. Michael Kors wristlet, $38 - Used the rest of my c/o ShopStyle gift card to buy this, with the VIP discount for 20% off (code VIP). It was time to replace my current wallet/wristlet from Christmas 5 years ago.

Clothing Budget Example

Links to budget posts in chart:    22 Feb  /  29 Mar  /  26 May  /  2 Jul

My clothing budget is $250 per month. I treat it like an allowance, so on the first of each month I deposit that $250 into an account. I currently have a balance of $666 in unspent clothing budget for the year. There are many different ways to budget, for my best tips and tricks see "How to Set a Clothing Budget."