Today's Everyday Fashion: Coats & Boots Under $100

Coats under $100

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I can't seem to kick this illness. I've been sick (sore throat/fever) for going on 7 weeks; it feels a lot like mono. I missed 4 days of posts last month and I'm afraid I'm struggling again with keeping up. One thing I have been able to do this week is online browsing, so today I'm sharing some coats & boots under $100 to kick off the official start of fall. 

First up are some coat favorites. Not surprisingly, most are from H&M. When I lived in Boston I bought almost all my spring/fall coats there. Not the same as winter coats, of course, which is a time in Boston when fashion is purely about survival. My winter coat looked like I wrapped my entire body in a down comforter (not so cute), but thankfully spring/fall allowed for cute coats like the ones pictured above. I also found some great deals on boots under $100, below. What types of coats and/or boots are on your shopping wish list for fall?

Boots under $100