Today's Everyday Fashion: Budget Update

Clothing budget

Express  /  J.Crew Factory  /  Express
Express  /  Express  /   J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory (similar)

Here's everything I bought with my clothing budget since my last update in January!  

This first bunch I purchased mostly in February/March - right as spring was starting. I haven't shopped at Express in ages but I placed an online order and loved all 4 items pictured here. The dress and jeans were basics to transition from cold weather to warm. The printed shirt and skirt were fun items that I couldn't wait to wear for spring. I wore the skirt during my bachelorette weekend here, and for a bridal shower. The other 3 items are from J.Crew Factory - my first-ever pair of cognac flats, the perfect boho top that I probably repeat way too often, and a lime skirt with an awesome flared shape to it.

1. Express skirt, $31
2. J.Crew Factory skirt, $40
3. Express shorts, $35
4. Express dress, $18
5. Express jeans, $30
6. J.Crew Factory shoes, $48
7. J.Crew top, $40
= $242

Clothing budget

J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory
J.Crew Factory  /  
J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory
Milly  /  Express  /  Marshall's  /  Marshall's

This next bunch was purchased in March and April. J.Crew Factory continued to slay me with their offerings for spring, and I wound up spending the majority of my budget there. (I usually prefer to spread out my budget at a variety of stores, but I also love the things I got so no regrets.) The bottom row is a Milly dress I picked up in the Piperlime closeout sale, an Express shirtdress I'm still on the fence about (here), and a couple of recent budget finds at Marshall's.

1. J.Crew Factory top, $35
2. J
.Crew Factory top, $30
3. J.Crew Factory skirt, $40
4. J.Crew Factory shorts, $30
5. J.Crew Factory top, $34
6. J.Crew Factory top, $34
7. J.Crew Factory sweater, $31
8. J.Crew Factory hat, $17
9. Milly dress/Piperlime, $156
10. Express dress, $40
11. Marshall's top, $10
12. Marshall's shorts, $15
= $472

Clothing budget spreadsheet

My clothing budget is $250 per month. I treat it like an allowance and at the start of each month I deposit $250 into an "account" and then spend as I go - here's how the year looks so far. For more info, see "How to Set a Clothing Budget." 

Things not in this post: my romper for our rehearsal dinner here (returned the pink dress here and took it out of the wedding budget). Plus returns here and here.