Secondhand Style with thredUP

Rainbow stripe sweater

100% cashmere sweater with the tags still on = $50

Rainbow stripe sweater, red flats
Silk cobalt shirt, plaid skirt

100% silk shirt and designer skirt = $62 total


I’m totally freaking out over these secondhand finds from thredUP! A J.Crew cashmere sweater with the tags still on it for $50? The original price tag says $238! A J.Crew Collection skirt and 100% silk shirt for $62 total? A J.Crew striped turtleneck with the tags still on for $26? I'm pinching myself!

Beyond being a great place to save money on designer clothes, thredUp is also environmentally friendly, by promoting the exchange of lightly used clothing.The textile industry creates a huge amount of pollution, so buying and selling your clothing secondhand is a great way to contribute in a positive way. thredUP makes it really easy to send in your unwanted items and make some money. And shopping is seamless - I didn’t have to leave my couch or dig through bins. I went straight to the “designer” tab on thredUP and entered in my sizes to find the items in today’s post. (And if something doesn’t work out or fit, returns are really easy too.)

If those weren’t not enough reasons to try it, thredUP is also offering you 40% off first time orders with code EVERY 40. The discount up to $50, and expires 1/1/2017.

Have you ever tried thredUP? Which outfit is your favorite?

Silk cobalt shirt, plaid skirt
Stripe turtleneck, black faux fur vest

turtleneck with tags still on and faux fur vest = $46 total

Stripe turtleneck, black faux fur vest

Today’s post is brought to you by thredUP. All clothing selections, opinions, and editorial decisions are solely my own.