Today's Everyday Fashion: Old Trends

Fox sweater, polka dot top, black jeans
Fox sweater, polka dot top, black jeans, red flats
Fox sweater, polka dot shirt, statement necklace
Inspiration:  J.Crew Factory

Inspiration: J.Crew Factory


Do trends ever really go out of style? When I read fashion magazines things seem to move at break neck speed. Sometimes it feels like a trend is declared dead almost immediately after it's introduced. But in the real world, or at least in the retail world, things move much more slowly. This sweater is 4 years old; I even styled it with a polka dot shirt under it 4 years ago. But similar sweaters are still currently in stores, and I would absolutely still wear it. It feels fresh and new this season thanks to a big necklace a la the inspiration photo, and a new pair of red flats!

Sweater: Old Navy, $16 (similarsimilar, similar)
Shirt: J.Crew Factory, $40 (similar, similar)
Jeans: Gap, $35 (similarsimilar)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory, $49
Purse: Michael Kors/Macy's, $220 (similar)
Necklaces: Stella & Dot and old (similarsimilarsimilar)
Approx. dates: Jeans are 6 years ago. Sweater is 4 years ago. Shirt is 3 years ago. Purse is 1 year ago. Shoes are recent.

Red flats under $100