Today's Everyday Fashion: Blush Pink Off Shoulder

Blush pink off shoulder top
Blush pink off shoulder top
Blush pink off shoulder top
Ruffle sleeve blush pink top

This shirt is as adorable as I'd hoped it would be in person! Unfortunately, it's also a bit high maintenance though. The sleeves are held on by snaps, but they won't stay snapped, so the sleeves are totally separate on my arm. The hanger tags also have a habit of sneaking up and out (I am considering removing them, but then I can't hang the shirt up). It sounds like a lot (wanted to give my full and honest review!) but it's so darn cute with the blush pink + off shoulder + ruffle sleeve combo that I may be willing to cut those tags out and wear the separated sleeves with confidence! What would you choose - is ease of use more or less important than aesthetics?

Top: Shopbop, $44
Jeans: JCPenney c/o, $30
Shoes: Payless c/o, $19
Purse: Aldo c/o Amazon, $40
Earrings: Old boutique (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Earrings are 4 years ago. Jeans and shoes are 1 year ago. Top and purse are new.

Blush off pink shoulder tops under $125